Wind issue when planning a flight

questions related to the weather module, even in the planning or in-flight with the proper hatdware
Wolfgang Schreiber
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Wind issue when planning a flight

Postby Wolfgang Schreiber » Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:13 am

Hi all,
when editing a flight plan, it is apparently not possible to get the wind settings in the "Estimated Travel Time" section saved. Whenever I enter some wind and press Save, the settings are gone when I log on next time. Is this intentional?

Furthermore, the wind direction indication seems to be the opposite than usual. in my environment, "Wind 270°" means the wind blows from West ( = 270°) to East. In Skynavpro, "Wind Bearing" apparently means the direction the wind is going to ( = 90°). Is this intentional?


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