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auto log out

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 6:06 pm
by rob wendes
I have a potential problem when using sky nav pro from an airfield where there is no WiFi.
this is what happens.
I log in at home and sync my flight plans.
if I stay logged in them I can continue to use my flit pans.
if I log out our leave SNP on override night and them don't sync in the morning and then go to the airfield then FNP wants to log in before I can use it.
however therre uis no WiFi and I'm using a tablet with WiFi only.
I'm locked out from using FNP at the airfield.

my workaround is to make sure I'm logged in and I do a sync just as I'm going out the door but it is a lithe worrying that it might be logged out when I come to use it.

best regards